Megan McJames



Height: 5’6”

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Birth: 9/24/1987

Birth Place: Park City, UT

Hometown: Park City, UT

Ski Club: Park City Ski

Education Foundation

School: The Park City

Winter School and Westminster college, UT



5 Responses to "Biography"

Okay, so let me just say, I am SO amazed at how you ski. You’re from my town and you’re really awesome. I look up to you and Kiley (Staples), but mostly only because you’re from pc. You guys are awesome! I got 2nd at nationals this year and I kept thinging “what if I could do what they did?!” so yeah, keep skiing!!!! 🙂

Cheering for you and Hailey (and passing this info along to some big wigs that are skiing fanatics). You girls deserve to be able to focus on your skiing, NOT on how to finance it! Hugs, Nicole

Thank you Nicole!

Hi Megan, hope you’re doing well, and you’re getting ready for the ski season to start. I will do my best to be around to cheer you up and all your gang.
I was sitting in my hospital’s bed and reflecting on life, it make me wonder what to do to have a better happier life. Here my thought.

I learned that we have to take each day at a time! If we don’t live for each day, really it’s a crime! We never know what’s in store for tomorrow, so we don’t have to worry about taking a stance. Let’s do what makes us happy, by giving ourselves a chance! Life is too short, let’s make each day a special one. It’s never too late to enjoy it, so let’s go out and have some fun. Letting things pile up and taking life too serious, it isn’t in our best interest. Try not to let everything get us down, let’s keep that smile on our face, it’s better then wearing a frown! Let’s try to stay in a good frame of mind, never let people see us brood. People tend to notice us more, when we display a pleasant mood!

Everyday, can be a wonderful day, should we choose to make it so. Let just look at the bright side of life, it’s the only way to go, we can choose to have a good life, or choose to make it bad. If given the choice, wouldn’t we make it the best we ever had? We all have some control, over our life in whatever, we say or do. And making the right choices, is strictly up to us. Whatever decisions we make, life is merely a test. We have to enjoy each and every moment and let the future, take care of the rest!

Let just enjoy the present moment fully without concern about the past or the future, for now. Looking back, is not the right course to take. In doing so, it would be a big mistake.
The future, isn’t here yet and it will take care of itself, in due time. Instead let just enjoy the present and everything will be fine. When we start to think about what was or could be, it’s then, we start to worry to no avail. What does it matter, if at one time, we did fail? The here and now, is what we should be concerned about and let everything else ride.
For when push comes to shove, we still have our pride!


I love you snow much I even am doing a google slide presentation on you for school.

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